Tempera is a female contestant in Melody Star.


Tempera is extremely hyperactive due to the fact she drinks TopJoy, which is a drink in Hungary. She has a crush on Longhorn, despite the fact that he doesn't like her.



In a flashback in "A New Adventure?," we learn more about Tempera's past and why she has a crush on Longhron. , why? When she was little, Tempera had a toy called "Baby Star", according to her, and then a strange person asked her if they can see that toy for a bit, but that was a lie. That person intentionally wanted to throw the toy to the sea actually, and Tempera gave it, then the strange person stole and ran for throwing Baby Star to the sea, the toy. And Tempera ran for it, but she fell in the sea, and she was almost dying underwater, but then Longhorn saved her. Then she got a crush with him. But Longhorn dislikes Tempera, saying that he was actually working in there. But Tempera didn't give up.